How WordPress Saves Lives at WordCamp San Francisco

I’m super excited to be at WordCamp San Francisco today to present an extended version of How WordCamp Saves Lives & Moves Governments! View the slides here, or for more information about the story behind this project, watch my TEDx talk.

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Where Can I Find a Cause For Me? is a match-making site that help people with talent find causes they care about. Thanks to Weston Ruter for the link!

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Discover how WordPress empowers relief teams working in war zones in Southeast Asia. Explore the challenges behind creating an application that tracks medical care and human rights abuses in the jungles of Burma. See real-world results that can be achieved with WordPress by putting the needs of people before the needs of computers.

With Custom Post Types and the Pods Framework, doctors and relief workers are able to make data-driven decisions when treating 15,000 patients each year, and governments were moved to take a stand on issues brought to light by our favorite publishing platform. Learn how you can use these same tools and WordPress to power maps, charts, and interactive timelines.


Find Your Dream Job: Freelancer, Founder, or Agency?

For a change of pace at WordCamp Dallas, I’ll be sharing experiences and challenges from 13 years of walking through careers in freelancing, co-founding, and joining an agency. Link to the slides below!

Slides: Find Your Dream Job

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Get a head start on the next step in your WordPress career by considering advantages, challenges, and tips from three job types in the WordPress economy.

Paul will share stories of the good, bad, and ugly from 7 years as a freelancer, 3 years as an agency co-founder, and 1 year as the Director of Recruiting at, the largest WordPress agency in the world.

Want to step into freelancing? Take your business to the next level? Grow your team, or score the perfect agency job? This is the talk for you.

Performance, Scale, and WordPress

Slides: Performance, Scale, and WordPress


How do you make WordPress scream when you have thousands of posts or millions of visitors? How do you keep things fast when running complex searches or taking post relationships into account? How can you keep users engaged and avoid any lag while loading thousands of data points on a map or scanning millions of posts in a search?

Join Paul for real-word solutions from sites like and platforms like VIP. When content is massive and speed is king, you have the resources to make solutions instead of compromises.

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Cowboy, Meet Ninja: Never Crash a Site Again

I’m extremely jet-lagged after traveling 30 hours to get here, but super-excited for my third year at WordCamp Phoenix and first year as a member of the 10up team!

This year we’re covering general programming best practices. How can we protect our clients from embarrassment, resolve problems before anyone knows the exist? Let’s learn to code like ninjas: no one will know we were there!

Slides: Cowboy, Meet Ninja

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WordCamp LA: Intro to Sass and Less CSS

I’m excited to be back at WordCamp LA! Last year, I presented How WordPress Saves Lives for the first time last year. Now, I’m back presenting on how to create themes faster & better using Less and SCSS.

Slides: Style Themes Faster, Better — Intro to Sass and Less CSS

I was able to spend some extra time on these slides, so I think I came up with something special for the designer track: live previews on the slides! Click the “edit in fiddle” button on any of the slides to play with the code yourself!


Do you feel like your stylesheets go on for miles? Like colors, fonts, and selectors are getting a bit too repetitive? Come learn how to do more, but write less using Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets (SASS). Learn to free your time and release your creative juices by throwing out the unnecessary. After this class, sites will bend to your will and reload like magic!

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“[Paul’s] amazing. He’s hysterical. He’s got a a great sense of humor. He helped put it all together and inspire me to do something this week.”
Steve Zehngut,
WP Watercooler 54 — 11m58s

“Paul is able to do something I don’t see a lot of, which is bridge the gap between an intermediate programmer and the advanced. I think that’s a really hard gap to bridge, and he does a really good job.”
Sé Reed,
WP Watercooler 54 — 14m57s

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How WordPress Saves Lives Lightning Talk

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Sometimes you hear a story that grounds you and reminds you about the reasons you chose your profession. Why it all matters. This is one of those.

Paul Clark’s presentation […] did just that. A must-watch.

Lance Willet, Automattic

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WP Sessions: WordPress Customizer

I’m excited to be joining Brian Richards of for WordPress Theme Bootcamp! I’m proud to be teaching alongside great minds like Sara Cannon, Chris Cochran, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, and Brad Parbs. I’m covering the Theme Customizer — let’s get to it!

Session: Theme Bootcamp (paywall)
Slides: WordPress Customizer
Code: Example plugins on Github