Getting from “I have a dream” to “I have an answer”

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Talk first given at TEDx Anchorage.

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Style Themes Faster, Better: Intro to Sass and Less CSS

I was able to spend some extra time on these slides, so I think I came up with something special for the designer track: live previews on the slides! Click the “edit in fiddle” button on any of the slides to play with the code yourself!

Slides: Style Themes Faster, Better: Intro to Sass and Less CSS

Do you feel like your stylesheets go on for miles? Like colors, fonts, and selectors are getting a bit too repetitive? Come learn how to do more, but write less using Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets (SASS). Learn to free your time and release your creative juices by throwing out the unnecessary. After this class, sites will bend to your will and reload like magic!

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How WordPress Saves Lives

Freedom, Hope, and Custom Post Types

Presentation Slides with Notes

Where Can I Find a Cause For Me? is a match-making site that help people with talent find causes they care about. Thanks to Weston Ruter for the link!

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WordPress 401: Using Git for Patches, Plugins, and Updates

This is a talk that was requested by the advanced developers class at WordCamp Phoenix 2013. I had the honor of co-teaching all day with Erick Hitter from Automattic.

This talk goes over techniques for making your life as a user of Git version control super-easy when interacting with WordPress core, plugins, and the WordPress automatic updater. All of these systems run on SVN by default, but with minimal setup, you can interact with them without worrying at all about SVN. 🙂

Slides: WordPress 401: Git Patches, Plugins, and Updates

WordPress 401: CSS Preprocessors

This is a talk I gave at WordCamp Phoenix 2013. I love the topic of CSS Preprocessors! This format was originally meant for advanced developers, but I later revised the slides with more live examples for a talk I gave to designers at WordCamp Seattle: Style Themes Faster, Better: Intro to Sass and Less CSS.

Slides: WordPress 401: CSS Preprocessors

WordPress 401: Develop, Stage, Deploy

This is a talk I gave at WordCamp Phoenix 2013 in an all-day class for advanced developers. I had the honor of co-teaching it with Erick Hitter.

Slides: WordPress 401: Develop, Stage, Deploy

This talk was one given by request. It covers most every situation a developer might run into when trying to move WordPress from a development environment, to a staging server, to a live server. In dealing with files and the database, lots of different strategies and scripts are provided for various server environments and access levels.

By the end, a configuration is given to allow syncing a site’s database and files without needing to remember any server addresses or login credentials.